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Pursuant to Kentucky's Open Records Act, Kentucky Revised Statutes 61.870, et. seq., records maintained by public agencies are subject to review by members of the public. While there are exceptions to this general rule, most public records can be inspected upon submission in writing of a request to inspect and/or copy records. As a state agency, the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority ("KHEAA") is subject to this Act. Therefore, anyone desiring to review records maintained by KHEAA may submit a written request to KHEAA's Legal Services Division by mail or facsimile to the address or fax number below. This request may also be submitted electronically by clicking on the link above. The request should describe with specificity the documents being requested. Finally, please note that, per KRS 61.874(1) and (3), KHEAA charges a nominal fee (currently $.10 per page) if photocopies of records are requested.

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