Planning for College or Trade School

Extra Credits

Bonus high school courses

Dual credit courses count for both high school and college credit. They can save you time and money in pursuing your education goals, so they are worth checking out.

CLEP program

The College-Level Examination Program offers more than 30 tests for subjects often taken during the first two college years. Many colleges use CLEP scores to award college credit. Some private industries, businesses, and other groups use CLEP scores to satisfy requirements for licensing, advancement, and admissions to training programs. Visit for more information.

Institutional challenge exam

You can also take a test to prove you are proficient in a subject matter at a higher education institution. If you can pass the test, you can get credit for the course without having taken (or even paid) for it. Ask the colleges you are considering if this option is available.

Tech classes

Interested in a technical field like welding, information technology, health science, or carpentry? Many states offer such classes within a high school or at separate vocational-technical high schools. Some vo-tech classes may count for both high school and college credit.