Getting In (high school seniors — available online only)

Although aimed at high school seniors, Getting In can be used by anyone planning to attend college in Alabama.

We hope Getting In will be helpful in guiding you through the admissions and financial aid processes. It's easy to use.

Chapter 1 provides general information and guidelines you'll need to begin planning for education or training after high school.

Chapter 2 is devoted to financial aid — money to help you pay for higher education. You'll find helpful information on how to finance your college education, what kinds of financial aid are available and how you can qualify. You'll also find useful tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

Chapter 3 contains information on Alabama colleges, universities and trade schools. There's a wealth of information here, so take the time to look over the different schools and see what each one has to offer.


Chapter One — Admissions

Chapter Two — Financial Aid

Chapter Three — Colleges

College Planning Checklists